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Subvenciones para actividades de posgrado

    (Ref. GENIL-GIMS-PA)
    • The aim of GENIL-MSPA is to promote activities in post-graduate studies (master and doctoral programs) to increase the scientific level in classical and new technologies. The main activities, which will be considered in this program, are: courses by visiting professors, courses on new techniques and technologies, mini-courses, cross sectional activities, and others.
    • The applications must be presented by the organized team of the activity through one of the existing Master or Doctoral Programs and they will be evaluated by the GENIL Steering Committee.
    • Special consideration will be taken for those activities related with the “Summer School Project” expected in Summer Term-2011.
    • The period for application is open until the end of 2011.
    • Awarded Grants are subject to financial resources.

Subvenciones para proyectos

    (Ref. GENIL-PYR)
    • The aim of GENIL-PYR is to encourage and facilitate research initiatives (preferably interdisciplinary) related with GENIL topics. These initiatives may also represent actions towards exploration of new research fields for young researchers. This shall enhance interdisciplinary collaborations in the framework of GENIL young research community and also individual explorative research initiatives in new research fields.
    • The research projects will have a duration between 6-12 months and a tentative budget of around 3000 Euros per project.
    • Durable equipments and personnel costs are not allowed.
    • The estimated number of projects funded per year is 10.
    • The applications will be evaluated by the GENIL steering committee.
    • In 2010 the deadline is December 15. For next years, new calls will be launched, subject to financial resources.

Subvenciones para organización de Workshops

    (Ref. GENIL-IW)
    • The aim of GENIL-IW is to encourage the collaboration between different GENIL groups by bringing together researchers from different scientific areas in a common workshop.
    • The proposed workshops will explore new directions in research or emerging research fields with potential impact on different GENIL groups. The topics must be interdisciplinary and promote the transfer of knowledge etween the GENIL groups.
    • The workshops will be held between 1 March and 31 December 2011.
    • The award will be up to a maximum value of 10000 € per workshop.
    • In 2010 the deadline for applications is December 15, 2010. For next years, new calls will be published.
    • The applications will be evaluated by the GENIL Steering Committee.

Becas para estancias en la UGR

    (Ref. GENIL-SPR)


  • GENIL IWANN best paper of young research
    • Award for the IWANN best paper of young research, funded by the GENIL project associated to the Campus of International Excellence BioTIC Granada.
    • The award covers travel expenses between national origin and Granada as well as 1,500 euros for collaborating during one month with a research group participating in the GENIL project chosen by the winner.