Aims & Activities

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The general aim of GENIL, which emerges from the previous approach, is no other than to turn the University of Granada into a more international and visible institution, as well as to boost the science and technology development and to improve the achievements reached in these fields by implementing a new concept of University Campus.

Such an aim, involving the scientific fields of ICT, Mathematics and Computational Physics, can only be met if an appropriate methodology is implemented. For this reason, the following activities will be carried out:

  • Creation of new scientific projects in a wide geographical area.
  • Establishment of mechanisms to make technological transfer easier.
  • Divulgation and promotion of research.
  • Creation of a new generation of researchers and inclusion in the aformentioned centres of the best young scientifics available.
  • Creation of stable bonds in order to develop excellence research projects.

These activities, which will make the achievement of our aim possible, will be carried out by all centres and teams involved in the GENIL Campus project with the support of the associated institutions involved in this project. This support will be given through five nodes of activity

  1. Researchers Ongoing Longtime Stays (ROLS)
  2. Interdisciplinar Intensive Investigation of Excellence (IIIE)
  3. Bridges for the Results of the Investigation between Society and Academia (BRISA)
  4. Visibility, Information and Communication Actions (VICA), and
  5. The GENIL International Master School (GIMS)